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[20849]유나이브 High speed HDMI 광케이블 20m
스   펙 : 4K지원 optical thin flexible 얇고 유연한
제조사 :
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판매가 : 품절
적립금 : 0 원
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• Ultrathin flexible HDMI Active Optical Cable
• High Speed HDMI(A) to HDMI(A)Cable
• Supports a full 1080p, 4K, 3D, deep color x.v. ColorTM, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio,HDMI-CEC and HDCP

• Resistant to EMI/RFI
• Ultrathin and flexible cable eases to use
• Easy to install (Plug and Play)
• No external power needed (Supplied current from the source device within HDMI specification)
• 5mm minimum bend radius


• 4K TV, Smartphone, Tablet PC, Laptop (Ultrabook), Digital camera, projector, HDTV, monitor