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[17842]TrueAV mini HDMI to VGA adapter ( 미니hdmi RGB 변환) TMC030 , TMC-030
스   펙 : TrueAV mini HDMI to VGA adapter ( 미니hdmi RGB 변환).tmc-030
제조사 : TrueAV
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mini HDMI       to VGA adapter


HDMI C to VGA cable AD-WH-259-250


1. compliant with HDMI 1.3a

2. Support pixel clock rate from 25MHZ to 165MHZ

3. on-chip HDMI receiver with Equalier, support 8/10/12bit deep color ,up to 2.25GHz data ratio

4. support Video output in VGA :1920*1200@60Hz (MAX)

5. Plug-in-out ;power from HDMI (5V)

6. ESD 8kV ,power consumption :190 mA;

7. HDMI input interface ,VGA Output :VGA signal Output interface