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[17841]TrueAV micro HDMI to VGA adapter ( 마이크로hdmi RGB 변환) TMC031,TMC-031
스   펙 : HDMI D to RGB 컨버터 Micro hdmi to VGA adapter.tmc-031 삼성스마트PC아티브/뉴시리즈9/아티브북9플러스/아티브탭5/7/LG엑스노트P210/Asus 울트라북젠북/트랜스포머프라임/도시바AT200/Acer아이코니아탭A510,,, 지원
제조사 : TrueAV
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HDMI D to VGA cable


1. compliant with HDMI 1.3a

2. Support pixel clock rate from 25MHZ to 165MHZ

3. on-chip HDMI receiver with Equalier, support 8/10/12bit deep color ,up to 2.25GHz data ratio

4. support Video output in VGA :1920*1200@60Hz (MAX)

5. Plug-in-out ;power from HDMI (5V)

6. ESD 8kV ,power consumption :190 mA;

7. HDMI input interface ,VGA Output :VGA signal Output interface

Micro HDMI to VGA male to female adapter is the simplest solution for connecting your Micro HDMI equipped devices to your traditional VGA monitors or projectors. Set-up is a breeze for those who have plugged a USB cable or any other USB peripherals before. This adapter does not need an external power supply.

Technical Details:

Signal Input: Micro HDMI (Type C) Male 19 bin (NOT a USB port)
Signal Output: VGA Female
Supported Input Resolutions (Micro HDMI): 480i/480p/576i/576p/720i/720p/1080i/1080p
Supported Output Resolutions (VGA): 480i/480p/576i/576p/720i/720p/1080i/1080p
HDCP Compliant:
Audio Output:
Power Requirements: No external power source needed

This adapter has a built-in IC chip which guarantees almost 100% compatibility with input HDMI digital signal. However, Micro HDMI to VGA conversion may still post the compatibility problems (i.e, no image is seen on VGA display) under the following situations:

* The Micro HDMI source has different refresh rate than the VGA display.
* The VGA display doesn't support the resolutions as output from the Micro HDMI source.
* The VGA display doesn't support interlaced resolution while the Micro HDMI source is set to 1080i, 720i, 576i or 480i.
* The Micro HDMI output of source device does not supply 5V/500mA power.

Please consult with manual for your Micro HDMI source equipment and VGA display source to troubleshoot.