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[16795]SpeedMax 광 HDMI케이블 L-4H-21 40M (500M까지 전송가능)
스   펙 : 2 코어 싱글,멀티모드로 500M까지 고화질 광전송
제조사 : humanlight
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판매가 : 품절
적립금 : 0 원
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이제품은 PC 출력에서만 사용이 가능합니다.
 (HDCP 지원이 되지 않습니다.)
고화질 광신호로 장거리 전송시 유리합니다.

위 사진의 제품은 싱글 광화이버SC-SC-2C-SM

Optical HDMI System
    The High-Definition Multimedia Interface is provided for     transmitting digital television audiovisual signals from DVD     player, set-top boxes and other audiovisual sources to     television sets, projectors and other video display.
    HDMI can carry high quality multi-channel audio data and     can carry all standard and high-definition consumer     electronics video formats. Content protection technology     is available.HDMI copper cable has a reach of typically     less than 10meters.But LIGHT4HD-Optical HDMI System     can be digital transmission up to 500meters without the     need for distribution amplifiers or repeaters by singlemode

glass fiber or multimode fiber.Our LIGHT4HD-optical HDMI Systems improve a previous by WDM optic design. Products transmit R, G, B, C (Red, Green, Blue, Clock) of electrical signal by only 2-fiber. This HDMI can support up to 1080p graphic signals with 60Hz refresh rate with 1 pixel/clock mode.The product consists of three parts one optical transmitter (Dual Tx), one optical receiver (Dual Rx), 5V 1A adaptor.




Signal bandwidth: 2.2Gbps (Single Link)
2Fiber Optical Transmission
Connectors: HDMI connectors
Resolution: supports up to 1080p
Fiber: Single-mode or Multi-mode fiber
Operating Temperature:  0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature:  -20°C to 70°C
Plug & Play
Regulatory Approvals: MIC, CE
Distance: ~500m
Power: 5V 500mA


Light 4 HD are the ideal
solution for a wide range of applications.
Examples include:
Elevator LCD Advertisement
Church Video System
LED Lighting Advertisement
Medical Imaging Equipment
Airplane On-board Video System
Home Theater
TV Broadcast Station
Conference Room Video Equipment
Football Field or Stadium

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