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[15394]One-fiber HDMI Extender [ M1-203H-TR ]
스   펙 : One-fiber HDMI Extender
제조사 : 옵티시스
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판매가 : 품절
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The Optical HDMI extender, M1-203H-TR offers extremely long-distance extension of digital video and audio of HDMI 1.3 up to 1km (4920feet) 24bits in color depth with all HD resolution up to 1080p (1,920x1,080) 60Hz. It is an all-fiber extension product, no copper connection like CAT5 or 6e between transmitter and receiver, installed in one SC optical fiber for connection.

It also provides lossless and uncompressed image quality without frame dropping and is applicable to single-mode fiber including two (2) +5V DC power adapters for the transmitter and receiver.

The M1-203H-TR consists of a transmitter and receiver boxes, which are designed to multiplex and de-multiplex the HD video, Display Data Channel (DDC) and High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) so as to be linked over only one optical fiber complying with FCC and CE standards for EMI/RFI emission. All ports are deployed on the back panel and only.
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[ Applications ]
▷ Digital FPD, PDP and projector installation in conference rooms, auditoriums and for kiosk
▷ Digital display system integration for medical, military, aerospace, factory automation, and traffic
    control platforms.
▷ LED signboards for large scale information display and stadiums.
▷ Home Theatre Systems.