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[14589]TrueAV TCP-1262DE DVI-D to RGB/컴포넌트 컨버터
스   펙 : TrueAV TCP-1262DE DVI-D to RGB/컴포넌트 컨버터
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This converter box converts digital DVI-D to Analog PC/RGB or HD YPbPr output. It enables to connect the DVI sources to the analog PC monitor, Projector or TV. Its high bandwidth capability supports a wide range of PC and HDTV resolutions.
  • Supports DVI-D input and Analog PC/RGB or HD YPbPr output.
  • Supports output selection between YPbPr and RGB.
  • Supports input/output resolution as below:
    PC: 640x480= VGA59 , VGA60, VGA72, VGA75, VGA85
          800x600= SVGA56, SVGA60, SVGA72, SVGA75, SVGA85
          1024x768= XGA60, XGA70, XGA75, XGA85
          1152x864=MAC70, MAC75, MAC85
          1280x1024= SXGA60, SXGA75, SXGA85,
          1600x1200= UXGA60
          1920x1200= WUXGA60(pixel-rate=154MHz)
    HD: 480I60, 576I50, 480P60, 576P50, 720P60, 720P50, 1080I60, 1080I50,1080P30, 1080P60, 1080P50
    1. Due to the IC didn't support Tri-level synchronies output. So component output at 720p/1080i/1080p, the image will shift to the left side of the screen.
    2. If DVI source includes HDCP(High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), DVI display should not support HDCP decryption.
  • Build in EDID.